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Why can’t I catch a break?

I should be happy right now.   School for the kids is over, leaving three days of work days.  Instead I’m faced with the incredible amounts of bad that summed up every aspect of this week.  I should be happy right now because I got that job I applied for.  And I am happy and excited.

Instead I’m thinking about the fact that someone from the hospital called me tonight and asked me to make a payment on my outstanding balance with them.  I asked if they needed one on top of the monthly withdrawal they take out of my bank account.  She said they hadn’t received my payment last month and I told her I wasn’t sure how that was possible because it comes directly out of my account.  She put me on hold, and when she came back she told me that she was “pretty sure the business office had decided to stop taking payments that way.”  I kind of freaked out and asked how I was supposed to know that if I was never informed?  She didn’t know the answer to that and I told her that I was very upset because I had paid faithfully on this account for a year, and would have had no way of knowing they changed this without a call or a letter.  I told her I would contact the business office about it first thing in the morning, because I wasn’t giving my banking info to anyone over the phone.

I emailed them when I got home, explaining the call and letting them know that I wasn’t sure if this was someone trying to scam me or if it was legitimate.  I told them that either way there is a big problem.  I told them that I had never been informed of a change in my billing, and that I hadn’t missed one payment in a year.  Now that this payment is a month overdue they are now calling me?  Way back when I first started paying the bill I had contacted them 2 days after I noticed it wasn’t withdrawn the first month I had it set up… they had made an error transcribing my bank info.  When that happened I made it clear that I wanted to be certain everything was correct and that the payment came out every month with no trouble.  After a year of the money being deducted, I had little reason to double check my bank statement.  This is the hospital that sent me to collections on my appendix surgery, when I was making payments every month. Perhaps I shouldn’t have had faith in them for anything.

I’ll be on the phone with them first thing in the morning trying to sort this mess out.  I refuse to pay last month’s payment on top of this one.  This was their mistake, not mine.  If they decided to stop the withdrawal, they should have contacted me via phone or mail.  I got no contact from them until tonight.

If I had the $1100 to pay this bill off in full right now, I would pay it.  I am so tired of things like this popping up.

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