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Some Goals

No resolutions this year.  Just some goals.  I realize I’m splitting hairs.  However…

  • Work out at least four days a week.  This means (to me) at least two days at the gym, and the other two days riding or doing a work out dvd… or some combination of those things.  Since I am an adoptive horse owner for the next five months (thank you Hannah!), this should be fairly simple.
  • Track my food points daily.  I used to be so good about this, and the past year or so it’s just kind of stopped being a priority.
  • Lose at least 25 pounds… or get back to a size 14.  Whichever comes first!
  • Work through the book The Artist’s Way.  It was a gift from my dear friend Tracey for Christmas, and it will get me working on my creativity as well as some other things that really need work.
  • Do my best to reduce my debt, so I can start actually saving money each month.  Financially speaking the last year has been an absolute nightmare, and I need to do something to change that.
  • Compete in at least five horse shows (something else that should be easy having Sade for five months!!)
  • Make at least $1500 in photography sales.  That is less than double what I’ve made this year, so I don’t feel like I’m being too ambitious.
  • Read 40 books.
  • Get my guitar restrung and take some lessons from my friend Erin.
  • Visit my family… or get them down here to visit me.  Easier said than done, but I miss them and want to see them.
  • Get a new tattoo.  I’m not ready to get the piece I talked about here weeks ago, but I am ready to get my horse tattoo.  It’s a ways off, due to finances, but I am ready to get a little more ink.
  • Travel to the western part of the state and photograph some of the waterfalls there.

Obviously some of these goals are more “important” than others.  Clearly my weight loss goals, my exercise goals, my horseback riding goals, my business goals, and seeing my family are of the utmost importance.  Hopefully those goals, as well as the others, will see fruition.  I’m going to work hard to make sure of it.

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4 Responses to Some Goals

  1. Monica says:

    🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

  2. Kate says:

    I love Monica’s smiley faces :).

    I don’t make resolutions either, but I do make goals from time to time (or year to year, whatever) when they are warranted. I think your goals are just the right amount of ambitious and just the right amount of practical. 🙂

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