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I had my first riding lesson with Joy, the director of Corral, last night.  It was me and another girl who volunteers there, Mary.  Joy had us ride bareback, which was a little nerve-wracking for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, even though I’ve been riding a long time I have not had much experience riding bareback.  She also had us do a passenger ride, which means you don’t use your reins either.  Joy was very understanding and let me take things at my own pace.  Toward the end of the ride, Sade (the horse I was riding) started to trot, which was ok.  I did start to pick up my reins to be ready to slow down.  I must’ve tightened my calves on Sade’s sides, because he started to canter.  This was less ok with me, and I felt my body tense up.  This caused a cramp in my left leg.  I tipped forward…. and off I went.

I laid on the ground for several minutes, feeling like a moron.  Not only had I fallen off in front of my new boss but also another volunteer and one of the Corral girls.  It’s the first time I’ve fallen in six years.  At first I was laying there thinking I was fine, just the regular soreness that comes with toppling off a six foot tall horse.  But then, through the adrenaline I began to feel my wrist start to throb.  Joy asked me some questions to make sure I didn’t have a concussion.  I told her my wrist was hurting and she had me go to the house with one of the girls to get ice and advil.

Urgent care is literally two minutes from the farm.  We went, and got there… and by that time I was shivering uncontrollably and in a lot of pain.  Joy looked at me and said, “I hate to tell you, but you have a broken wrist.”

Turns out, she was right.

I have broken my scaphoid bone, which is a tiny bone right under your thumb.  It apparently can have all sorts of trouble healing.  I will need to go to an orthopedist to get it set and put in a cast… but it could require surgery and 6  months of cast time to heal.

When I do something I do it right.

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  1. mom says:

    when you go to the specialist, please have them fax the xray results to the results the office so dpk can see it. Feel better my baby.

  2. Kate says:

    EEP! Praying it heals up without any problems. Hope you aren’t in too much pain. {{{hugs}}}

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