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I never thought I’d look forward to getting a cast.  The past few days of having my wrist just in the half cast, but not fully immobilized has made me truly crave the cast.

I had almost convinced myself that it wasn’t really broken… ahh wishful thinking.   It’s difficult to see the fracture on the xrays.  But I can see it… and even if I couldn’t?  This is definitely the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, other than my back.

I’m lucky though… I have great friends who were immediately there to offer help in any way I needed it.  Steve came all the way down here last night with pizza, ice cream and medical tape in tow to keep me company.  Joy and her husband and mom  were so wonderful after I fell and while I was at the doctor.  Jackie came over here at 10:30 at night to walk Merlin.  And I am very appreciative that Jake was willing to take Merlin at least until I get into a cast.

I need to figure out the logistics of a shower…

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