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R.I.P. Vaio

I’ve had my laptop since 2007.  It’s always been a pretty decent machine, and has seen me through starting my own photography business.  Recently (Christmas) it started showing signs that the screen was dying.  It would come back from sleep mode with funky colors/designs or just gray squiggles.  It would always stay that way for a few moments, and then come back.  Very occasionally I had to reboot it to get it to work. 

This morning I got up and came into the living room to get ready to take Merlin outside.  The computer was laying on the floor.  Apparently Merlin knocked it down at some point in the middle of the night, which doesn’t surprise me because he was acting like a flamming bafoon all night.  I picked up the computer and plugged it in, turned it on… and the screen was funkier than usual.  *sigh*  I left it while I walked the dog, and when I came back (fifteen minutes later) the screen was still in hollograph land.  I rebooted.  No change.  I left it alone while I got dressed. No change. 

The cost of replacing the screen would be more than the computer is worth.  And I can’t afford a new computer.  My ability to be a successful photographer just got a kick in the pants.  Not real sure what to do about this.

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  1. Kate says:

    🙁 {{{hugs}}}

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