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Last night I was talking with my dear friend Tracey, and I mentioned that I really wanted to start doing some bareback riding lessons (horses, get your mind out of the gutter dear readers).  I said that it was the one thing that I was unconfident about, and that since our girls at CORRAL start out riding without a saddle I felt kind of bad asking them to learn like that if I was pretty terrible at it.  90% of the reason I have my current wrist injury is my own lack of confidence and lack of ability to handle an emergency without a saddle.  So Tracey said that either Huskey or Simon would be great for me to work on that with.  I was really surprised, because those horses are two of the ones she competes on.  She’s generally pretty picky about who rides her boys.  She said we could start working on Wednesday mornings, since I won’t have to work on Wednesdays.  I’m very excited to work with Tracey, and I’m even more excited to ride Huskey or Simon.

I’m getting closer to the place where I’ll be able to afford a new computer.  I’m so ready to get my new machine, and I’m hoping I can do that before I head home at the end of July.  I’m still several hundred dollars short, but I’m working on it.  I have a portrait session booked for this Sunday, and I’m hoping it brings in at least $200 when all is said and done.  The customer chose to order prints off line, so I’m just charging a sitting fee.  This is a family that has consistently ordered photos from me every barrel race, and I absolutely love them.  They’ve also brought me other business from other barrel racers.  I have one more barrel race this month which should bring in some money, and  I may have a senior portrait session at some point between now and when I leave, so that would put me very close to affording the computer.  I’ve been very lucky that I’ve had a loaner machine, but I’m ready to have my own.  I’m determined to put none of this purchase on a credit card, because I had to do that with my camera and new lens.  Those were incredibly necessary, but I don’t want to end up in a terrible position with my credit.

I’ve scheduled a consultation at Blue Flame Tattoo in Raleigh with the artist Christie.  She’s doing some fantastic work for my friend, and I’ve been truly impressed with what I’ve seen.  When I called to set it up, I was disappointed to hear that her first available consult slot is in August!  I think it will be incredibly worth the wait.  I’m going to get a piece of a horse, based on a painting by Sarah Lynn Richards entitled Rojo.  A couple entries back I posted a link to one of her paintings that I really want.  I’ve wanted the tattoo for several years, and I really think that Christie at Blue Flame is going to rock it out of the park.  I probably won’t have the actual tattoo done until September, but I’m pumped.

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