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A Letter

Dear Insurance Provider,
Sending me a letter telling me that you will not cover “part or all” of my recent surgery because you don’t think a surgical assistant was necessary really kind of upsets me.  It also confuses me, because I don’t know if you are not covering “part” or “all”, and that’s a big difference.  And if it’s “part” which “part”?  Just how much money are you refusing to dish out.  Also, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a surgical assistant other than the anesthesiologist and the nurses, but it’s hard to say because I was asleep.  Which brings up another concern; you said I or my representative can appeal this decision in writing… however, what exactly am I supposed to say?  I was asleep.  I can’t afford a representative either.

So, insurance company, I’m a little angry with you.  All I can say is: this is absolutely ridiculous and I hope you never have someone in your family that goes through a similar situation and has you as an insurance provider.  You stink.


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