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Christmas Eve

I traveled to New York for Christmas.  It was my first time to see the new house since it was put up and all the furniture arrived.  I was so happy to see my parents and brother living in such a beautiful, safe, amazing house.  It was incredibly weird though, to be in this brand new home and look out the window and see our neighborhood!  Totally surreal.

Christmas Eve was spent at my cousin Michael’s house.  I have been close with Michael and his parents my whole life.  I’m also very close with his wife Jamie.  We have been gathering on Christmas Eve at either Michael’s house or my Uncle Lenny’s house (when he lived in NY) since I was about 6.  This Christmas Eve was a really, really lovely night.

This is me with Mike and Jamie’s son Max.  It’s hard to believe that he is a 4th grader now!  I can remember the first time I held him when he was a brand new baby!

Sean, Michael, Me, Mom, Jamie and Max (being a 10 year old!)

Me and Jamie… I don’t think there are enough words to express just how thankful I am that this amazing, beautiful, kind, caring, and supportive woman is a part of my family.

Me with Mike, a man that is more like a big brother than a cousin.

Me with my “little” brother.

This is all the “Moynihan Kids”.  Michael, Me, Sean, Jamie, Max, and Jamie’s sister Danielle.

So thankful I got to spend Christmas Eve with people I love most in the world.


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