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What I’ve Been Up To

Things I’ve been up to, in no particular order:

  • Seeing Skillet again, front row!
  • High fiving John Cooper and meeting Jonathan Chu.
  • Creating an art journal, kinda’ like this (only imagine someone with close to no artistic ability doing it!)
  • Reading… paper books and books on my brand new kindle fire!
  • Ignoring the 6 inch tall pile of medical bills on my kitchen table (screw you medical bills!)
  • Losing weight (10 pounds down!)
  • Going on dates (met a very nice guy and had a great time… still talking with and getting to know him and one other guy, seeing where things lead).
  • Pinning things on Pinterest (you can follow me… link on the bottom of the page)!
  • Feeling sad at the loss of a teacher in our district, and the impact it had on students I care a great deal about.
  • Mourning the end of the Hunger Games series.  Seriously, please go read them.
  • Contemplating investing in a good point and shoot camera for times when my big rig isn’t practical or allowed (Dear Winter Jam, I’m less than impressed that I was not allowed to bring my camera in, and yet I saw at least 10 concert goers who had DSLR’s in the venue!)

So far 2012 has been busy, but overall OK.  I’m looking forward to starting the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred work out program.  I think it will be motivating and challenging.  I’m also looking forward to taking bridal portraits of my friend Natalie, and taking another trip to the aquarium to figure out light and plan for her upcoming wedding.

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