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Many Goings On

The past few weeks have been incredibly full.  I’ve been searching for a new part time job fairly non-stop.  I need to be bringing in more money to alleviate my stress level.  So far no hits, but I’m hoping that something comes up fairly quickly.  If I could do 2-3 evenings/weekend days at a place per week, I would be able to start relaxing a bit about money.  Right now there’s no relaxation in sight.

There has been some family upheaval in the last week or so.  It’s looking very likely that my brother will be moving to NC sometime within the next few months.  We’ve all spent a great deal talking about what might be best to help Sean be successful (which he is 100% capable of), and a move is sounding like a good bet.  There will be many changes involved for him… things that he’s never learned or been really expected to do.  There will be many changes for me as well.  I haven’t lived with someone, other than Jake, since my freshman year in college.  On one hand, it will end up being helpful once Sean finds a job and starts contributing to the bills in the house.  On the other, it will be a tremendous shift for me.  I know that it will also lead to some tension, because I will be taking on a role with him that will definitely end with  him feeling resentful/angry… at least at first.  Hopefully in the long run it will be beneficial for both of us, and he will begin to make choices that benefit him and help him grow as a person.

I’ve been taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at church.  I really enjoy the class, and find the paper-to-pencil budgeting really helpful on many levels.  Of course, it was a little scary to see on paper just how much the deficit between what I make and what I need to make is… but I’m working on fixing that.  I think that the class will be really helpful.  It’s just going to be a long road until I get myself financially sturdy.

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