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Three Glorious Nights

The past three nights have been filled with amazing friends and celebrations.

On Friday evening I was invited to the rehearsal dinner for my friends Bethany and Rob.  It was at a lovely restaurant right around the corner from the pool I manage.  The food was delicious, the company was fantastic, and just seeing how happy Rob and Bethany were made my night.

Saturday was the wedding.  I was so thrilled to see these two get married.  Bethany looked absolutely stunning, and it was clear to everyone just how deeply they love one another.  Joy radiated from them at nearly every moment.  Not only was it amazing to see two people I care so much about blissful, I had a great time with my friends who were at the wedding.  There was much dancing, and I caught the bouquet!  I’m hoping there’s a photo of that!

Bethany and Rob after they had said “I do!”  Those smiles rarely left their faces throughout the evening.  Truly beautiful.

Last night I went to the Melting Pot with my friends Tracey, Emily, Stephanie and Stephanie.


Me, Stephanie and Tracey at the restaurant.

Three nights in a row reminding me how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by the amazing women and men who are my friends.


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