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I had a bad fall in mid-March, so bad that they actually thought I had broken my elbow.  It was frustrating, especially considering it was one of the best lessons I’d had with Austin.

As you’ll see in the video, you can’t even really tell what happened to make me fall.  It looks like I finished my round and decided, “OK I finished, time to get off.”  *sigh* Lame.

That fall caused me to miss a show, and then I jus worked on flat work.  And then I got a text message from my trainer telling me that the farrier had to pull Austin’s shoes… which was a major bummer.  His feet were a mess and I knew it, but doing it now meant that pretty much the rest of show season was out for him.  So my only option was to get used to Max again.

The really frustrating thing is, because Max hadn’t done anything since January and because I wasn’t used to him, we were back to square one.  I had been jumping two feet solidly on Austin… in fact was looking forward to doing so at my next show.  Max is so different than Austin that we were back to crossrails.

I had a schooling show Sunday at my farm and rode Max… in the crossrails division.  We only did the morning hunter classes, because he was too tired to do jumpers later.  Bethany and Rob came to watch me, which was so cool.  Of course, I felt like a dork because I was jumping these little bitty fences that probably looked lame to them.  It’s frustrating to feel like you’re moving backwards constantly.  We showed well… reserve champion in our division, two firsts, two seconds, a third and a fifth.  I asked the judge what I could improve on with my flat classes (that’s where I always seem to struggle) and she told me that honestly it wasn’t me, it was the way my horse was going.  Granted, that’s something only I can fix for the horse, but she told me that I looked awesome and if they were Eq classes I’d be winning.

I’ll ride in a clinic this Saturday and then see about doing a jumper show Sunday.

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