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New Hampshire

When I first began planning this trip home, I was originally planning to arrive Friday.  Dad remembered just in time that he and my Mom would be out of town on a bus trip with my Aunt Jeanne.  He made a quick call, and pretty soon it was set for me to join the trip. Aunt Jeanne is the senior coordinator at the community center, and she takes bus loads of seniors all over the country.  So we were up bright and early Thursday morning, heading to scenic New Hampshire.

me dad boatThis is me and Dad on our boat cruise on Lake Washington.

me mom boatMe with Mom on the boat cruise.

me mom flowersThere was a clown on the boat that made balloon flowers.

me mom jeanneA shot of me, Aunt Jeanne and Mom on the boat.

We did a lot of fun things on the trip.  There was a beautiful Inn that we stayed at.  Aunt Jeanne and I had a gorgeous suite  with an amazing deck that looked out on the stunning White Mountains.  Dad and I took a great walk down to the Town Square and got some souvenirs.  Thursday night we went to see the play ‘Barefoot in the Park’.  Then Sunday we took the boat tour.  Amazingly enough we saw a loon on the trip!  It was super far away but it was very cool to see one.  Then we went to a local winery.

wineryI don’t like wine, but had a great time photographing the alpacas they had as well as some of the garden.

I feel incredibly lucky that I got the chance to do this trip.  Growing up I never had a chance to really spend a lot of time with Aunt Jeanne.  I know that this trip was a special chance to get to know her better and create some special memories.






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