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I awoke one day last week with a newfound focus.  It was as if a switch had been flipped and I just… wanted to change how I was doing some things.  This new focus centers on eating.  The past few months were incredibly stressful dealing with the roommate mess, and being home seeing the situation with my brother… not to mention some other things that were on my mind.  I had gained back quite a bit of weight with stress eating.  I woke up last weekend and it just occurred to me: I don’t want to live that way.

I’ve had a really good week staying focused on making good choices.  Good to the tune of losing 5 pounds.  It will sound strange, but I’ve made my goal to “eat co-counselor approved meals” especially while I’m at school.  My current co-counselor is a vegetarian and eats super healthy.  That strategy really paid off this past week.  I’m eating lots of vegetables and fruit during the day, and when I get home at night I try to make positive choices here as well.  So far so good.  I plan to add the gym back in this week, and hopefully get to the barn to ride too.

I’m writing a lot more in my paper journal these days.  Much of what I have swirling around in my head is better suited to a private space.  All is well, just a little jumbled and complicated.  Life is a constantly changing thing.  I’m just rolling with the punches.

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