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If I Won the Lottery (aka- Things I wouldn’t put on a Christmas List but would buy myself if I became independently wealthy)

My Christmas gift from my parents this year was a plane ticket so I could be with them for the holiday.  Amazing gift, and I am so thankful I will get to be with my family for the holiday.  Last year I was here, watching over the farm.  It wasn’t sad or anything, but I know that I will enjoy it much more being with my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I asked them to please not get me anything else, other than a stocking full of maple sugar pigs from Oscar’s Smokehouse :).  I feel like the ticket is more than sufficient, and anything else is really silly.

I did give my Aunt a list, however, she gifted me early with some money to purchase riding things.  As it turned out that was a huge blessing because my car was in desperate need of new tires.  So I utilized her gift to buy tires and I’ll use my work supplement this month to buy some riding gear.  Win-win.  I don’t anticipate getting anything else from her either, because her early gift was incredibly generous (as she always is… I am incredibly blessed by her in so many ways).

I was thinking though, what would I ask for or give myself if money was no object and I could buy “whatever I want.” Obviously, that’s not in the cards as I don’t play the lottery and don’t anticipate coming in to a large sum of money.  If I did though, I have a list of things I would like to get!

The money to pay to feed Jimmy, my trainer’s horse.  She recently offered to give this horse to me, and offered me the stupendous deal of just paying to feed and shoe him.  This is an amazing offer, but sadly one that I cannot afford right now.  If I could afford just one thing, this would be it.

Flight, a painting by Sarah Lynn Richards.  One of my favorite paintings by her, although I like most everything she paints.

SSG Winter Training Gloves, size 9

Kerrits Fleece Riding Tights in Black   XL

Kerrits Kombi Full Seat Breaches XL

 Kerrits Sit Tight ‘N Warm Full Seat (in mercury and sienna), size XL

Riders International quilted pad with piping– Navy/Gray/Burgundy

Fleeceworks Halfpad

An underarmor sweatshirt (red, XL)

An amethyst ring, size 6.5

Amazon gift cards

iTunes gift cards

Old Navy Gift Cards

Green Bay custom Jersey- number 16 with ‘McGillicutty’ across the back.  Green home jersey.  Large or XL.

Lowepro Pro Runner Camera Bag

Nikon D3S or Nikon D700 camera body

Sons of Anarchy Hooded Sweatshirt  

Summer Photo Workshop with Mark Picard

Any print by Nick Brandt, preferably an elephant or a gorilla though.

A signed copy of any of Nick Brandt’s books

A wide angle lens for my camera

Star Trek Next Generation Box set 

3 Terabyte external hard drive   

Subscription to National Geographic

Camera equipment is going to be the death of me!  Either that or horses.  Expensive hobbies.
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