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I’ve watched everyone posting things they’re thankful for every day this month on Facebook.  I haven’t participated, not because I’m not thankful for things but because I knew it was something I wouldn’t keep up with!

I am thankful for my family, especially my parents, my Aunt Sis, and my other Aunts and uncles.  I have been blessed with a family that supports me, loves me unconditionally, and helps me make dreams come true.  I wish that I could be with them today, however I know that I will be with them in just a few short weeks for Christmas.

I am so thankful that I have a place that I can ride and a trainer who pushes me to be the best I can possibly be.  I started riding with Carrie about a year ago, and had to convince her to do a “one time” lesson so my parents could see me riding and jumping.  They hadn’t seen that in a very long time, and even though Carrie doesn’t typically do lessons that way she made an exception for me.  It was such a positive experience, and on the way home I was lamenting how much I wished I could afford to ride with Carrie regularly.  She texted me when I was on the way home and offered to exchange lessons for barn chores, such a gift.  Because of Carried I’ve achieved a goal I set for myself: to begin competing again at horse shows.  I have dozens of ribbons, and have had the most amazing time competing.  I’ve made the most amazing friendships and now have an amazing barn family that I can’t imagine my life without.

I’m thankful for my amazing friends.  I’m incredibly blessed to be surrounded by women who build each other up, who take time to have girls nights, who are always up for an adventure.  This past year I met and have become very good friends with a woman at my current school, and I’m so thankful for that new friendship.  I’m thankful for ‘The Girls”, my friends from my former school who still strive to get together and make time to preserve that friendship.  I’m very thankful for Bethany and Rob, as they are hosting ‘Friendsgiving’ today.  I know it will be an amazing day full of laughs and delicious food.  I’m thankful for friendships that have been maintained, especially my friendship with Jake.  I’m thankful for my dear friends in Fayetteville, and my homies in P-Town.

I’m thankful for the potential of new relationships, and the phone call I got from Sean last night as he was on his way to work with the wolves.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him the last few times we’ve gone out.  I’m not sure what will happen with that, but no matter what it has given me hope that there is something out there for me that will bring happiness.  Hopefully we continue to spend time together, because I genuinely like him and think we could have a really good thing.

I’m thankful for my job and for my health.  I’m thankful for Merlin, who is always there to make me smile and comfort me when I’m down.  I’m thankful for having a warm house, and landlords who are more like family.  I’m thankful for having the ability to relax on these days off.  I’m thankful for the continued success of my photography business.  I’m thankful for my creative mind and the fact that it looks like I will once again be successful in National Novel Writing Month.

I am blessed beyond measure.  I have a life filled with people that I love, people who love me.  There’s not much more I could ask for.

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